AI search optimization

AI search optimization


We use AI-driven software that follows Google updates and creates 90% search ranking stability.

Data Analysis and Keywords

Utilizing Outrankr’s AI-driven optimization software, Dr. Ritzinger’s child and adolescent psychotherapy website managed to secure a spot in the top 10 search results for targeted keywords, leading to a substantial increase in client inquiries. AI search optimization


I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience with this software.

” I don’t longer worry about attracting new customers manually. It automatically connects me with a steady stream of potential clients. I am thrilled with the results.” AI search optimization

Dr. Rudolf Ritzinger

Selection of Jury Members by the Board of Examiners
The Innovation Award for Information Technology in 2012 received significant contributions from an esteemed jury and examination board. BWF Media Group (OUTRANKR) expresses its gratitude to these exceptional individuals who played a crucial role in the selection process.

SOURCE: i-mittelstand/ Innovation Award IT 2012 – Jury AI search optimizatio

The jury and examination board comprised experts from various prestigious institutions, each recognized for their expertise in their respective fields.
Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt University of Leipzig – Professor of Application Systems in Business and Administration
Mr. Michael Aubermann a-five business solutions network – Managing Director; Specializes in developing business models for the mobile Internet and providing strategic IT consulting for medium-sized companies, particularly on open-source technologies.

Website crawling and indexing

Extensively crawls each website, including all pages, links, and texts. Indexes the website in the TRAI algorithm after review, unless Black Hat scenarios are detected.

Ranking Stabilization

Begins data and ranking stabilization after about 6 weeks. After 3 months, all data and automated processes are consolidated.

Optimization Evaluation

Provides customers with an optimization evaluation every 4 weeks, unless a major Google update has recently been rolled out.

Optimization Period

The optimization period for a website must be at least 12 months.


Optimization processes

Begins once the website is successfully integrated. Develops new, topic-relevant additions related to the orientation keyword (OTK).

Ranking Security

Provides high-ranking stability and security against Google updates. Corrects minor ranking shifts without additional costs.

Additional Optimization

Can also optimize Social Media profiles and Google Ads.